A bulletin of official statements made by India on the situation in Myanmar following the 1 February 2021 military coup.
Continued fractures in the bilateral relations between the two rival neighbours haven't stopped people-to-people contacts. This must continue for the…
By Tridivesh Singh Maini | As the US President prepares to visit the oil-rich kingdom in July, several critical questions loom large.
According to media reports, New Delhi won't invite the Myanmar coup regime's foreign minister for the upcoming India-ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting…
By Tridivesh Singh Maini.
By Khin Zaw Win: the junta’ stupidity and brutality has turned a quiet and bucolic corner of the country into a gory and fiery battleground.
What the people of Myanmar want today is something that the deeply traditionalist, unimaginative and slow-moving UN system cannot provide any meaningful…
A deep dive into what the Cambodian Prime Minister's controversial visit to Myanmar on 7-8 January 2022 means for "peace" in post-coup Myanmar.
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Barbed Wires